Magnum & digestives

Cellar Collection - Magnum

Can you drink two bottles of wine? Magnums can be an interesting alternative when you are dining in a group situation. Wine not only matures a little slower in magnums and certainly it's often nice to have a "Big Bottle" at the table. We have recently been able to secure some excellent wines in magnum, and we can certainly recommend to you, Cheers!

Dessert Wine

Iced Wine


  • Bailey Irish Cream$7.00
  • Galliano$7.00
  • Frangelico$7.00
  • Kahlua$7.00
  • Malibu$7.00
  • Midori$7.00
  • Tia Maria$7.00
  • Drambuie$9.00
  • Disaronno Amaretto $8.00
  • Averna$8.00
  • Romana Sambuca$8.00
  • Opal Nera$8.00
  • Contreau$9.00
  • Jagermeister$8.00
  • Dom Benedictine$9.00
  • Grand Marnier $9.00
  • Crème de Cacao Brown $8.00
  • Crème de Cassis $8.00